Feb. 12th, 2005

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In Italy, besides all the hundreds of thousands of mediaeval, renaissance, and baroque paintings and sculptures, we saw three remarkable exhibitions of contemporary art, each of which was stunning in its audacity and its impact.  Click for Gunter Brus, Robert Morris and Damien Hirst )
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Not having a television in Paris, I was shamefully thrilled to stay in Italian hotels with TVs in our rooms.  Usually there was one English channel, the egregious CNN or the slightly less egregious BBCWorld, plus six or seven Italian channels, as well as an occasional French or German station as well.  I fell in love with a couple of weird game/quiz shows, and I enjoyed comparing the straight men on the Italian version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Fantastici Cinque) to their American counterparts.  [The straight Italians were better dressed and more knowledgeable about food and wine and "culture" than the Americans, as far as I could tell.]  But what really got me going were the ads.

First of all, there is a little sign in the corner of the screen saying "Publicitta" [Advertisement] ensuring that you don't confuse the little mini-narratives of sales with the actual programs.  More delightful still, however, is the unsubtle exploitation of the concept "sex sells". 
Here are descriptions of two examples )
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Carnaval Goers
Carnevale Goers

I took this picture in Venice last week, but I am posting it as an experiment with LJ's "Scrapbook" program.


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