May. 30th, 2005

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Well, that was weird, but good.  Right after I posted my comments about dining chez Guy, Bob and I schlepped over to The One Way for the Sunday night happy hour.  We were hanging around, drinking beer and being buffeted by the throngs passing through, when we began to chat with a cute young man.  Bob had already overheard him talking to someone else, so he knew the guy was a singer of some sort.  Somehow, the conversation turned to the question of musical training, and the little bearded Brazilian hunk pushed his wire-rimmed glasses up his nose and said, "I have an excellent private teacher.  In fact, he is amazing."  Bob and I stole a glance at each other, each thinking, "Hmmm, what are the odds?"  So Bob said, "Really? What is his name?"  You guessed it:  his teacher is none other than [ profile] parisianbear.  He spoke in extremely glowing terms about what a magnificent teacher Guy is.

I have always assumed that Guy would be a good teacher, because he is good at everything he does, and because he is my friend and I love him.  But I had no real way of knowing whether my assumption had any basis in fact.  So it was fascinating to meet one of his students who spontaneously spoke so enthusiastically about Guy's excellence.  We "came out" as friends of Guy's, which made the young man -- his name is Marcio -- feel a little bit awkward, I think, but he got over it.  In fact, when Bob and I left, several beers later, we exchanged email addresses and Marcio suggested that he would make dinner for us and Guy sometime soon.   


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