Aug. 31st, 2005

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Yesterday, August 30, 2005, my sister and I finished emptying my mother's apartment and handed in the keys to her superintendent, saying goodbye for the last time to 533 Portsmouth Avenue, apartment 812, where my mother lived for the last twenty-odd years of her life, first with my father and then, for the last ten years or so, by herself.  Through a strange twist of synchronicity, that very same day my friend Guy met the owner of my apartment on rue Marie Stuart in Paris, and returned my keys to her.

I have decided that I will mark those two endings by adding a third:  this will be my last entry in this blog.  I created it to chronicle my experiences in Paris during my year of leave; but now I'm back in Toronto, and (unofficially) back at work.  I enjoyed writing during the past year, and even more, I enjoyed reading the comments that people contributed to my entries.

School starts next Tuesday morning, with a staff meeting bright an early before the kids arrive.  I'm looking forward to it.  I think that I will continue to keep a livejournal.  The setting and the incidents will be different, but I'm still the same guy, or at least, I'm still evolving in the same direction.  So if you want to keep in touch (and I hope that you do) you can find me as [ profile] paulintoronto


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