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Last night I ran into my friends Chris and Fabrice at The Glove.  At one point in the evening, it looked like they were getting ready to leave, so even though Chris was engaged in a conversation in German with a man I didn't recognize, I went over to say goodbye.  They had invited me for dinner tonight, but I had to decline, because I had already decided to go to hear Guy/[ profile] parisianbear sing in a concert at La Madeleine Church.  Chris said to me, "I hope you enjoy the opera," so Fabrice said, "Oh, are you going to an opera tomorrow?"

"No," I replied, "It isn't an opera.  Actually, I'm going to a performance of a Mozart Requiem."

Then the anonymous German man turned to me and said, "Are you Paul?"

"Uh, yes, my name is Paul," I replied quizzically.  "Have we met before?"

"I'm a friend of Guy's," said the German stranger.  "He said that I might run into you here."

Turns out he figured that there couldn't be that many gay men in Paris who were going to a Mozart Requiem the following night, so he took a stab at asking me if I were me.

Okay, that's "it's-a-small-world-after-all" enough for me.  However:

Tonight I went to Guy's performance and sat with Volker, the previously anonymous German.  Afterwards, Guy and I and Volker went to the Cafe Beaubourg for a drink.  Then Guy sensibly went home to bed, while Volker and I went off to the Bears' Den.  While there, we started talking about Berlin, and the hotels that we had each stayed in.

"I was lucky," I said, "the last time I was in Berlin, because I was able to stay with a friend who lives on Martin-Luther-Strasse."

"Oh?" asked Volker. "Was it Bernd?

After we dug a little deeper, we realized that Volker's friend Bernd is the same man that I had met last fall, who introduced me to Lothar, and so on.

Volker is younger and more techno-savvy than I am, so while I went to the bathroom and then ordered us another beer, he sent a text message to Bernd, announcing that he was with me in Paris at that very moment.

By the way:  Volker seemed to think that Bernd was as sweet and wonderful as I found him to be. 


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